Pieter Neethling

Head Global P&O(HR) Service Architecture



The Employer Experience Proposition

Companies invest resources to attract and retain talent in very competitive markets. It is imperative for employees to have an exceptional experience when they engage with HR. Excellence in processes, capability, content, digital and behaviours are key to delivering on the employer experience proposition.

  • The Employer Experience Proposition (EXP)
  • Behaviour impact on better engagement experiences
  • One employee engagement FACE
  • The concierge moment
  • The DNA of an Experience Operating System (xOS)

Cromwell Ellie

VP, Talent, DEI and Employer Branding

Yara International


Strengthening Talent Processes With Embedding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) In the Employee Experience

Yara International has a strong commitment to DEI and people processes. Integrating DEI and people processes not only enhances employees’ experiences but makes organisation more inclusive.

Hakan Sahin

Head of Global HR People Analytics



Global Internal Benchmark

Global Internal Benchmark for key HR Metrics. Key HR Metrics are aggregated and shared globally between different regions so each region can compare their own results with others within Sony. This is a good use case of how own data is utilised and leveraged in a global scale.

  • Holistic Data Democratisation
  • Problem Statement & High-Level Delivery Plan
  • Global HR Framework & GHR People Analytics Focus Areas connected
  • Key HR Measures
  • Scope & Constraints
  • High-Level Architectural Design (Technologies, Data Ingestion &
  • Transformation, Aggregation, Data Security and Audience)
  • Final Product

Adriana Lanuza

HR Director Faurecia Clean Mobility

Faurecia – Forvia


The Wellbeing Revolution: Empowering Employees for Success

The Importance of Wellbeing: why employee wellbeing is crucial for overall organisational success. How it affects productivity, engagement, and retention, and to highlight the role of employers in promoting a healthy work environment.

The growing awareness of mental health in the workplace and the concept of work-life integration and its impact on employee wellbeing.

  • Dimensions of wellness: physical, mental, emotional, and social
  • Physical wellbeing: The significance of physical health in the workplace
  • Mental and emotional wellbeing: Ways to create a supportive and inclusive culture that prioritises mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Work-Life balance: Flexible work and the importance of digital disconnecting
  • Supportive leadership and work engagement: How leaders can effectively support their teams’ wellbeing
  • Resilience and stress management: How to cope with pressure and maintain a healthy work-life balance
  • Social wellbeing – creating a positive work environment: Sustaining wellbeing practices. Corporate social responsibility