10th Annual HR Excellence Summit

3 – 4 November 2021 | Barcelona / Online

We have witnessed a 180° global switch. Reassessing our perspective has automatically come up as a natural reaction to the pandemic and we have all had to find a very quick but firm way forward. Human resources departments have had a difficult job. Agility has proven to be crucial in managing all the remote working, burnouts, family concerns and layoffs. Many firms lacked the capacity to adjust and had to leave the market. But what happened to those that gritted their teeth and took action?

Hot topics that will be discussed at this annual

  • HR’s response to the different COVID-19 phases
  • Distanced inclusion: How to manage diversity & inclusion while having employees working on HO?
  • Super boost of the wellbeing awareness: What is the change owed to?
  • Employee journey mapping in a hybrid environment
  • Transformation journey towards digital goals
  • People Analytics
  • Why is L&D driving business survival?
  • What does the future hold for HR?


Salma Rashad EL HAMALAWY

Director Global Talent Acquisition


Developing Stellar Candidate Experience Practices

Recruiting in COVID-19 environment has been a learning curve for organisations and candidates alike. We share our learnings in keeping focus on a supportive candidate experience during challenging times when changes in the hiring needs were combined with changes in the way we attract talent.


Managing Director HR


Organisational Transformation of the Bank on Its Journey Towards Digital Client

• Non-IT-native companies converting into digital see growing tension between IT and non-IT parts of their companies – We will look what kind of issues that leads to and what to do about that
• Is an old centre of excellence-based structure of HR still valid in the digital world? And should client journey mapping replace centres of excellence?
• Self-service or career guidance? What do employees expect from HR in digital companies?


EMEA Talent Acquisiton Lead


Bringing Education and Networking Together at a Critical Time in Our History for our Recruiters

As many of us started to work completely from home during the pandemic, we thought it was important to acknowledge that our way of working was drastically changing in many ways and areas. We were all of a sudden in a total virtual world and expectations were that this would have been for some time – and the reality is that in HP after more than a year we are still mainly working remotely. Therefore, last summer we decided to build and deliver a four-part development series on virtual recruiting for all global talent acquisition members

We selected four areas of focus:
• Virtual career fairs
• Virtual interviews
• Virtual assessments
• Virtual onboarding


Director of Learning and Development


Innovating the Digital-First Employee Experience

With an ever-changing talent landscape, the employee experience is becoming central to attract and retain talent. Organisations need to adapt to the Future of Work, embracing extreme flexibility and digital-first people development. Digital-first development is not about technology; it is about using technology to increase connectedness in an increasingly distributed workforce.

• What does the Future of Work mean?
• What is a digital-first employee experience?
• Can a company’ culture be seen in its business data?
• How will technology enable personalised development at scale?


HR Director People Experience and Reward


Hybrid Working and the Importance of Employee Wellbeing

Post COVID-19 many companies will adopt Hybrid Working Policies. But what is the right approach for you and how can you ensure your colleagues are staying healthy, motivated and engaged?

• Hybrid working is not "one size fits all"
• How to design hybrid working so it fits my needs?
• What changes are needed at the workplace?
• The challenge of managing remotely: How do I keep my colleagues healthy, motivated and engaged?

Impressive companies presenting as well as a very good mixture of topics. High quality of presentations within a small group allow for a lot of networking.”

VP Global Talent Acquisition & Engagement at Swarovski

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