11th Annual HR Excellence Summit

9 – 10 November 2022 | Barcelona

With the constant development in digital technology, we have entered a new digital world of work. From now on the way we manage and lead will dramatically change. Work, workforce, and workplace in motion: what comes next?

Emerging technologies are redesigning how and where work gets done, and how HR departments should embrace all those elements to deliver the new hybrid workplace, accelerate work simplification, predict the technology makeup for everyday work, and foster new employee experiences outside the conventional spheres.

The 11th Annual HR Excellence Summit has been designed to discuss all those latest trends, new work models, organization structures, mobile workers, and hybrid workplaces.

At this interactive business conference, C-level experts will provide you with the key strategies for the establishment of effective digital transformation & automation, diversity & inclusion, the impact of COVID-19 on human resource management, employee experience & engagement, and the transformation of HR from supportive to a decision-making role.

Do not miss the chance to hear from top players from leading banks, telecoms, airlines, hotels, retailers, and other cross-industry companies. Our conference will provide you with great opportunities to gain valuable experience, inspiration, and insights from top leaders as well as establish important business contacts.

Hottest topics that will be discussed this annual

  • Transformation of HR from supportive to decision-making role
  • Employee experience & engagement
  • Creation of an outstanding team: Health, wellbeing, culture & change in HR
  • Remote working as a new normal
  • Measures to improve diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) in 2022:
  • Establishment of effective digital transformation & automation
  • The impact of COVID-19 on the Human Resources Management and the way forward



Global Head Wellbeing


Measurable Impact of Wellbeing Interventions

Well-being is a fundamental part of the cultural transformation at Novartis. In this presentation, we will show our new approach to learning & Measurable Impact of our various interventions around our holistic view of wellbeing
• Wellbeing at Novartis
• Measurable impact
• Cultural transformations

Bertrand RAJON

Innovation and Disruption Lead


Leadership Innovation and Business Disruption

Inner disruption is the key to future success, it starts now. Using an inside-out approach and based on deep understanding and needs, will focus on making this happen, building on the leadership resources of teams and enterprises. We will work on the following 4 main elements:
• Understand forces and elimination allowing for disruption
• Learn to observe and anticipate upcoming strong industry and people transformation
• Prepare your enterprise and teams for the upcoming great shifts
• Transform your leadership approach and empower teams to success


Global Head of HR - Group Finance


How Organisations Can Support Executive Transitions

Pre-covid research proves that executive transitions are risky with 40% of executive transitions failing during the first 18 months. New executives often require six+ months to break-even productivity levels. The global pandemic coupled with #TheGreatResignation has further intensified the risk of a rocky start, so executive transitions are even more challenging now. Together we will explore how organisations can apply proven de-risking strategies as well as enable powerful interventions to enable their executives to hit the ground running and accelerate value creation for shareholders.

• Learn about the most common types of executive transition challenges
• Avoid the biggest mistakes made during executive transitions
• Learn proven interventions to transition more successfully


HR Process Innovation Director


How The Physical Experience Impact Engagement at The Lego Group

Employee experience at the physical level – the office is discussed at great length, especially following the pandemic and the rapid transition into virtual or remote working. The Lego Group believes in the physical presence of employees in our offices and that it has a positive impact on employee engagement.
• The Lego Journey toward experience
• Impact on employee motivation & satisfaction
• What are we learning?


Director of People Strategy


Differentiating the employee Experience for a Frontline Workforce

In McDonald’s 70-year history, the brand has grown to over 38,000 restaurants in 119 countries, with 1.9m restaurants employees serving nearly 70 million customers every day.
Our employees are core to our success. We rely on them to greet each guest with a smile and warm meal.

A lot of detailed and inspiring insights, highly enthusiastic contributors and very good networking opportunities.

– VP Talent Acquisition & Development, ING

We offer to world’s leading companies at our summit

Case Studies

Experience leaders will provide you with lessons learned.


The chance for market-leading business knowledge networking.


All attendees will have a great opportunity to discuss a selection of topics in small groups with their peers.

New Ideas

We are partnering with experienced professionals to provide creative ideas, inspiration, and guidance.

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We are committed to achieving new standards of excellence by providing conference formats that encourages interaction, networking and high class knowledge sharing. With experts, well-supported staff, motivated to deliver quality, Allan Lloyds vision is to be recognized as the global leader in providing high quality business conferences.

What we offer to world’s leading companies

  • Experience-based case studies
  • Round table discussions
  • Impeccable networking opportunities
  • Limited number of seats in the audience ensuring friendly atmosphere
  • No media or press presence


Few photos from our summits

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