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Bridge Partners

Bridge Partners®, founded in 2005 by Alessandra Colonna and Domenico Pugliese, is a leading international training and consulting company, specialized in negotiation.
Our purpose is to transform negotiating behavior, bringing in innovative content and unique teaching approach.

Three concepts to sum up who we are: missionteam, and method.

  1. Our mission: to transform people by improving their negotiation skills and awareness, enhancing the value of their deals.
  2. Our team: a mix of people connected by a strong negotiation experience, consolidated but innovative knowledge, and solid ethic.
  3. Our method: a patented, certified, simple, unique, scalable approach to handle with increasing effectiveness the negotiation process.


Dr. Victoria Soell

Psychological training based in Health Neuroscience Research: a Game-Changer for individuals, teams and culture.

Human talent is a key strategic facilitator of productivity and growth. Resilient people work smarter, and may overcome different challenges.Therefore, providing individuals within a company the tools to manage their own process of self-regulation is a very effective approach that benefits the person, their work and the team´s culture.

We rely on Psychology, Psychometrics, expertise in Neurodivergency and exhaustive Neuroscience research to train resilience, manage stress, and promote awareness of personal skills and coping strategies.

We offer effective interventions to identify personal strengths and work on what we know in Neuropsychology is modifiable behavior: attitudes and coping strategies, i.e. the way we respond. We build-in adaptive perspectives, enhance self-efficacy and emotional well-being.



TO BOOK YOUR STAND Contact please Mr. Ronald Russo


Solution providers at the 12th Annual HR Excellence Summit are selected based on the requirements and interests of our delegates.

The best way to showcase your expertise, solutions and services to a highly relevant audience is to sponsor an Allan Lloyds’ conference.

Our conferences are for senior level professionals only. In sponsoring our event, you will be in contact with decision makers in your industry, meaning you will be networking directly with the right people who are looking for the solutions that you provide.

Why to exhibit with Allan Lloyds?

Create a competitive advantage

Participating as a sponsor at our summit takes you straight to your target audience. Demonstrate your business advantage in this competitive market and increase your profile with potential clients and provide good presence for your existing ones.

Build customer relationship

We keep a very good ratio between vendors and end-users so you will meet potential clients and not competitors. We provide you with the most effective way how to gain great visibility among international attendees, build up your name recognition and differentiate from your competition.

Choose a package according to your needs

Speaking slots? Moderating? Stands? Choose the right way how to showcase your expertise to the audience. We can create a package that will be suitable for your budget and meet all your requirements.

Let people experience your value

Conference schedule allows maximum personal interaction between exhibitors and delegates. Networking coffee breaks and cocktail receptions provide you with an opportunity to discuss your solutions and services with delegates, speakers and potential partners in relaxed atmosphere.

Deliverables of Sponsoring:

  • Company profile gaining
  • Increase of Revenue & Brand awareness
  • Exposure maximization
  • Proving your good presence for your existing clients in the competitive market
  • Face to Face networking and benefit from prearranged one to one meeting
  • Product Showcase
  • Summit speech holding
  • Qualified Leads Acquiring
  • Delegates reach

Like all our Summits the event is tailored to meet your requirements and be discussed. If you are interested in sponsoring and looking to reach professionals from leading companies, please email bus.dev(at)allanlloyds.com for more Information.

We keep a very good ratio between vendors and end-users so you will meet potential clients and not competitors.