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Hottest information about 7th Annual HR Excellence Summit

1 OCTOBER 2018


Senior Recruiting Manager EMEA

3 Questions For Fritz Singer

Is it easier to identify and acquire talent with social media tools today? Or has it become more of a challenge to acquire the right people?

Social Media has allowed companies to identify the right talent in the market easily and focus on hiring the best candidates available in a very targeted way. That said, it has levelled the playing field of identifying these candidates. Therefore, the acquisition of hiring is driven by other factors such as the brand, company value proposition and other motivating factors for the candidate. Social media has made the market incredibly competitive, which impacts the messaging that companies need to approach the market with.

What are the best ways to measure employee performance?

If it’s a metrics driven role, there should be strict KPIs and SLAs set in place to measure success (i.e. in Recruiting, Sales, Engineering, etc.). In the absence of metrics (i.e. Legal), you should have cross-functional surveys or channels of feedback from business partners to ensure expectations of the business are being met. No matter the position, goals and expectations should be put in place up front to establish and define what success looks like for that particular position.

What is the best way to motivate, engage and retain new workers?

First, you need to understand their values. Once you do so, you can align your expectations, working style and projects to those values which should provide the right level of engagement.

Fritz Singer has worked in recruiting for 7 years, with the last 5 years helping Uber scale from 500 employees to over 20,000 worldwide. His experiences have included supporting almost all parts of the business across North America, South America, India, China, and currently EMEA, where he leads the Corporate and Technology Recruiting teams across the region.


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